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Full length works available upon request




Anger Project Public Events (2024)
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Anger Project Short Film Series (2023)
The short film excerpts below are the first two in a series of ten, each one detailing someone's anger story through movement and conversation.
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in a room: a pandemic video series (2020)
3 of 6 short films created during the pandemic. 


in a room I


in a room III


in a room V


WakePhase 2 (2018)

This work is a continuation of Wake, first created in 2010 as a memory/reflection of Haas's mother’s wake when they were twelve years old (see video below for the first phase). This work relies heavily on improvisation, writing and meditation. The architecture and mood of the space created and shaped the dance, as well as sounds, light and shadow, and what is already housed within the body, such as the unconscious, dreams, memories and everyday experiences. Location: Breaking Ground Dance Festival; Phoenix, AZ. 

Excerpts from disturbances (2017)

A movement and sound collaboration that questions how relationships provoke our "peaceful conditions". Directed by Haas with movement invention by Haas and Ann Hadley, live violin improvisation by Berkley Carnine and recorded experimental soundscapes by Jenn Grossman. Sponsored by Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy in Flagstaff, AZ.

Excerpts from The Silence of Sound (2014)


Movement artist Haas (hearing) and visual artist Marisa Muro (deaf) explore community and isolation, public and private, hearing and deafness in an improvised hour long performance at Shot in the Dark Café in Tucson, AZ.

Excerpts from Untitled Improvisation (2013)


A collaboration between movement artist Haas, visual artist Marisa Muro and sound artist Rev LeReve Tsolwizar, this performance took place inside Haas’s Mobile Performance Dwelling (built through EcoDance) and was located at SunFlower River Intentional Community in Albuquerque, NM.

Excerpts from strings: phase 1 (2013)


A long distance collaboration between musician/sound artist Jenn Grossman and movement artist Haas, each performance is labeled consecutively by phase and involves both of the artists’ work (one recorded, one live). Connecting through similar investigations of nonlinear, transformational processes, they draw on individual research, communicating via sound/movement recordings between two physical locations (Michigan and New York). Location: Red Door Gallery; Ludington, MI.

Excerpts from [ ] (2011)


Directed by Haas, this work provokes questions of authority regarding contemporary dance trends, specifically the overwhelming endorsement of abstract and conceptual works and the eschewing of contemporary works that utilize narrative, the psychology of the body, heightened emotion and excess. Positing these questions within a world of dreams, memories and fantasies, Haas contemplates the obvious, literal and absurd within the sophisticated and the sophisticated within the obvious, literal and absurd. Location: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts; Urbana, IL.

 Wake (2010)


Embodiment research. This work is a memory/reflection of Haas's mother’s wake when they were twelve years old. But like most things there are multiple meanings in the word choice. The title was also used as an imperative—“Wake up!” as well as a rescinding of the event—she must still be alive (awake) somewhere! Location: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts; Urbana, IL. This piece was also selected for presentation at the American College Dance Festival in Wichita, KS in 2011.

Excerpts from Raw (2009)


A site-specific work directed by Haas, in collaboration with installation artist Lori Caterini, Raw examines the flux between environment and self with multifarious groupings of visual and auditory stimulation. The work, hidden amid a labyrinth of hallways, rooms and crawlspaces in the Natural History Building, which was under re-construction, invites the viewer to observe as well as to become part of the detritus of life, while compounding and blurring the relationship between body and object, person and place.

Untitled (2009) 


Solo improvisation performed by Haas at the Krannert Museum in Urbana, IL.

Excerpts from I'm Your Man (2007)

A theatrical gender-bender created by Haas and performed by Haas and Nadia Oussenko at Slit: an evening of performance + poetry co-produced with Rachel Damon. Location: Around the Coyote Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Raw (2007)

A poem/movement meditation created and performed by Haas at Slit: an evening of performance + poetry co-produced with Rachel Damon. Location: Around the Coyote Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Excerpts from Heroine/Herstory (2005)

An evening length multi-media performance event created, directed and produced by Sue Dado and Haas in collaboration with the Chicago Women's Health Center. This process involves outreach components that include working with survivor's of sexual abuse, providing trauma-informed resources and promoting education and social justice. Music: I'll Fly Away by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch. Location: Links Hall, Chicago, IL.

Excerpt from The Riddle (2003)


Directed by: Suzanne Dado Movement invention by: Suzanne Dado & Haas Performed by: Dado & Haas Sound: Everloving, by Moby

Premiered at Links Hall, Chicago, IL

Wednesday Afternoon Redline to Nowhere (2002)


Solo created and performed by Haas at Links Hall, Chicago, IL.

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