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Pictured: Mya King
Pictured: Sarah Haas & Deborah Siegel
Pictured: Sarah Haas
Pictured onstage: Arthur Shane Doyle & William Tyler Ezzell a.k.a. Gypsy Davies
Pictured: Elby Brosch

Community Engagement:  

I work within communities as a resident artist to:


  • create and lead movement workshops

  • offer lecture/demonstrations

  • facilitate and direct evening length performances

  • self-produce performances and/or events

  • build tiny houses and/or stage spaces


Each art residency is designed specific to the community I work within and may include any or all of the activities listed above. Residencies can range from one day to a year depending on the project and the needs of each community. Contracts are created specific to individual partnerships and are available upon inquiry. 

As an instigator and director, I encourage participants to take risks, be curious, work both collectively and individually and trust in their intellect while developing and honing new skills. Eschewing the notion of high-brow versus low-brow, I instead welcome participation in an open, yet directed, experience-sharing process. What we create together is original work reflective of each community.

For more detailed information about community engagement opportunities, please click here.

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