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Rosie's Ranch (2015-2021)

In August 2014 Haas stopped a three-year long traveling performance tour to homestead on unincorporated land in northern Arizona. There they opened Rosie's Ranch, which served as an informal art residency and retreat space that included ecologically supported alternative building practices from 2015-2021. This twenty-acre, off-grid, rural desert landscape supported artists of all mediums including, but not limited to, writers, dancers, multi-media and earthen installation artists as well as those folks interested in building tiny livable structures and stages. During this span of time Rosie's Ranch hosted 7 artists in residence and 2 art retreats for small groups; all were free to participants.

Art/Work Traveling Experiment (2011-2014)

In August 2011 Haas began a three-year building/performance tour. Traveling from town to town they performed out of a tiny mobile house/stage while building the structure and organizing art events. These events brought people of diverse skills, passions, and interests together to share experiences, dreams, and stories. From discussions about local organic farming, to mime workshops, to movement studies, to live-body installation pieces, to drag shows, the stage was utilized as a platform for each community it traveled to. Within that span of time Haas hosted twelve separate events, each ranging from one to thirty days, all free of charge for participants. From Chicago to Huntsville to Albuquerque Haas partnered with art centers, city agencies, universities and individuals utilizing the MPD as a gathering site for lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions, rehearsals and performances.

EcoDance (2011-2021)

For more information about EcoDance visit:

EcoDance, co-founded January 2011 by Hallie Aldrich and Haas, encompasses researching, designing and building Mobile Performance Dwellings (mobile stages). Inspired by the tiny house movement and motivated to create low-cost artist live/work spaces, we joined forces to build artist-specific, eco-friendly MPD’s. Addressing practical issues in performance, architecture, and ecology, we each build our own structure, according to timeframes, finances, and available material, with the help of volunteers. Haas's structure is built with approximately 10% volunteer labor and 90% owner energy, and utilizes approximately 70% reclaimed materials. Together, we share our processes through public engagements and performances. Separately, we travel and build based on a fusion of personal lifestyle choices and artistic interests.


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